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Cable Digital Emergency Broadcast Adapter


Front-end equipment

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Product Description

• With 5 inch color Chinese touch screen, friendly interface and convenient operation.

• Access to operating equipment configuration management, emergency broadcast service configuration and monitoring through a browser.

Support Ethernet interface 100M/1000M, support active and standby 11 mode configuration.

• Support the reception, analysis, storage and decoding of emergency broadcast programs and instructions.

• With RS232 or other interface, can be external other emergency broadcast monitoring equipment

• The system has a flexible and advanced backup mechanism to ensure safe broadcast.

• With dual power supply, power support AC/DC optional.

• The device supports real-time alarm function.

• The device has a 100Base-T Ethernet interface for centralized SNMP-based network management.

• Support the function of interfacing with the cable digital TV front-end system.

• Support output control instructions, control audio switcher switch output emergency broadcast audio program.

• With emergency broadcast analog audio output, support stereo differential audio signal output.

• Secure encryption by hardware, with the encapsulation function of the emergency broadcast protocol loaded with the protection of the national secret algorithm. It has the function of receiving and analyzing the emergency broadcast protocol loaded with national secret algorithm protection.

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