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Address: No.2, Courtyard 38, Linfeng 2nd Road, Greenland Central Plaza, Sujiatuo Town, Haidian District, Beijing

Enterprise culture

Enterprise spirit:


Spirit of integrity, dedication, responsibility, innovation is the essence of our corporate culture, foresight and pragmatic is our code of conduct.



Business objectives:


Serious and responsible employees and effective management of employees is the wealth of heaven and earth, respect for knowledge, scientific and technological innovation. Collective struggle is an inherent requirement for the sustainable growth of our cause.


Business objectives:

Technology uses "advanced technology, excellent products, and pragmatic services" to promote the development of the industry and meet the growing needs of township entertainment.



Social responsibility allows more prejudiced plains, deserts, deep mountains, and the end of the ocean to see TV, enrich their amateur life, understand the national conditions and folk customs, and take "benefiting the country and benefiting the people and serving the society" as their duty.


Corporate Values

People-oriented, science and technology to reach far