Terrestrial digital television system

The construction of the front-end system includes the front-end source system of terrestrial digital television broadcasting, the digital television service processing system of terrestrial digital television broadcasting, the transmission system of terrestrial digital television broadcasting, the monitoring system of terrestrial digital television broadcasting, the wireless terrestrial digital receiving system and the basic guarantee system. The terrestrial digital TV system has the characteristics of low investment, low maintenance, fast construction, ecological protection, high degree of program localization, high program transmission efficiency, good coverage, anti-interference and so on. Our company has launched a variety of supporting products for domestic digital wireless ground coverage projects, providing users with advanced product equipment and first-class solutions.

In terms of information sources, our company can provide satellite receiving equipment, special satellite receivers, high-definition encoders, TS stream transcoding equipment, etc. Transmit transmission system Our company can provide multiplexers, power dividers, UHF omnidirectional slot transmit antennas, UHF four-dipole digital TV transmit antennas, UHF

Double dipole FM transmitting antenna, etc.

Terrestrial digital TV receiving system Our company can provide a variety of outdoor receiving antennas, high-gain indoor receiving antennas and AVS high-definition terrestrial digital set-top boxes. All products are the latest technology, technical indicators to meet, better than the technical standards and specifications issued by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television. The solution of terrestrial digital television system is introduced as follows: the source consists of three parts, namely: AVS HD encoder is used for self-run programs; AVS satellite programs use AVS dedicated satellite receivers; Other signals such as MPEG2 and H.264 coding format use transcoding equipment to convert signals in other formats into AVS signals, which are multiplexed (scrambled) and then transmitted to the transmitter by the exciter. The transmitter outputs high-power radio frequency signals to the multiplexer, the signal is sent to the transmitting antenna through the power divider. The client uses an indoor or outdoor terrestrial digital receiving antenna to receive terrestrial wireless digital signals, and outputs analog or digital video and audio after demodulation by a set-top box.