Satellite communication earth station system


Our company can provide 12 meters, 9 meters, 7.4 meters, 6.2 meters, 4.5 meters, 3.7 meters, 2.4 meters and other caliber satellite communication antenna, composed of broadcast or two-way satellite communication system for transmitting video or data.

The picture above shows a typical digital satellite TV earth station system,


A source system consisting of three mutually backup signal sources transmitted to the earth station by multiple channels and one emergency pad broadcast signal inside the earth station;

Uplink system with 2 sets of 1:1 redundant hot backup configuration;

The antenna feeder system is composed of the main and standby communication antennas, waveguide network and multi-caliber satellite TV receiving antennas for downlink signal monitoring;

A digital surveillance system for monitoring the quality of signals transmitted within the earth station system;

A network management system for monitoring and managing the equipment and environment in the earth station.