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Address: No.2, Courtyard 38, Linfeng 2nd Road, Greenland Central Plaza, Sujiatuo Town, Haidian District, Beijing

Enterprise Logo

Interpretation of Tianditong Logo



The "TDTSAT" in the logo is the combination of the two words "TIANDITONG" [Tiandi Tong] and "SATELLITE" [satellite] in English, which reflects the career pursued by the company. Blue, marking what we are engaged in the science and technology industry-science and technology blue; green, representing environmental protection, meaning that we are engaged in science and technology industry at the same time, but also in response to environmental awareness.


Chinese logo of Tiandi Tong



Auxiliary graphics for identification



The blue lines in the auxiliary graph represent the sky, the green lines represent the earth, and the connection between the sky and the earth represents us.

The cause of Tiandi Tong also represents common prosperity.

Auxiliary line identification of heaven and earth pass belt



corporate culture concept

Spirit: Honesty, dedication, responsibility and innovation are the essence of our corporate culture. Foresight and pragmatism are the norms of our conduct.

Goal: Tiandi Tong's goal is to rely on bit by bit and perseverance in the field of radio and television to make us a high-tech, excellent brand of radio and television and satellite communication system solution provider and supplier.

Employees: Serious, responsible and effective management of employees is the greatest wealth of Tiandi Tong. Respect for knowledge, scientific and technological innovation, and collective struggle are the inherent requirements for the sustainable growth of our cause.

Technology: With "advanced technology, excellent products, and pragmatic services", promote the development of the industry and meet the growing needs of township entertainment.

Social responsibility: let more remote plains, deserts, mountains and the end of the ocean watch TV, enrich their spare time life, understand the national conditions and folk customs, and take "benefiting the country and benefiting the people and serving the society" as their own responsibility.

Enterprise values: people-oriented, science and technology to far