Intelligent Control System of Satellite Receiving Station

The intelligent monitoring and integrated management platform of satellite receiving station is designed according to the modules of electric antenna system, servo control system, antenna ice and snow melting system and dynamic environment monitoring system of computer room, so as to realize unified dispatching and management. The system can realize the operation status information parameters, position information parameters, ice and snow melting control system temperature, power parameters, and various parameters of the dynamic environment of the computer room. The system has the functions of adding, modifying, deleting and real-time alarm of equipment, and can judge the offline and online conditions of equipment, modify and issue the operating parameters of equipment, and has the functions of log management and user rights management.

The antenna servo control system automatically tracks the satellite beacon source and adjusts the satellite antenna to the best signal receiving state by setting the relevant data of the satellite receiving antenna. The system has 25 sets of star information storage capacity, with azimuth, pitch angle and polarization angle automatic and manual adjustment function, with remote and local control function.

The ice and snow melting system triggers the automatic heating unit to melt the ice and snow according to the preset judgment condition. The heating zone can be flexibly set, the maximum power and the maximum temperature can be set, and the system safety can be improved. The system can realize remote multi-device control, parameter setting and management functions by unified network management.

Dynamic environment monitoring system through data collection, real-time monitoring room temperature, humidity, voltage, current, smoke and flooding, recording and processing of relevant data, at the same time for abnormal fault can be detected in a timely manner, to screen, SMS, telephone, e-mail and other ways of alarm, to achieve real-time recording and monitoring, effective early warning and alarm function.