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Intelligent expansion machine


Terminal Equipment

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Product Description

Product Description:

Support multi-mode receiving function (DTMB, DVB-C, FM-RDS, IP);

• Supports any combination of several receiving modes, and can set the priority of receiving mode through network management;

• FM support county, town, village and more than 4 preset frequency, support priority settings;

• Support network real-time, timing play;

Receive, decode and broadcast information such as daily broadcast, emergency broadcast or control instructions broadcast by the superior platform;

• Support local, remote online upgrade.

• Support the Web to modify the terminal's receiving frequency, local address, on/off, volume and other parameters.

• Integrated security module, the use of national secret SM2 algorithm, with authentication and prevention functions, the use of digital signature security verification, to ensure safe broadcast.

• With overheating, overvoltage, overload protection function, automatic recovery of the fault disappeared.

• RF input port with lightning protection function, IP input port with isolation transformer protection.

• The use of blinds panel, waterproof, moisture-proof, dust-proof design, outdoor powder spray treatment, can be external high-fidelity speakers;

• External fuse holder, convenient maintenance and replacement.

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