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Intelligent sound column


Terminal Equipment

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1. Support multi-mode receiving mode (FM, IP, TS, GPRS, etc.);
2. Optional GPRS module for returning working status data when there is no IP return channel;
3. According to the front-end instructions of the intelligent emergency broadcasting system, the emergency broadcasting can be remotely controlled, and the volume, power on and off, receiving frequency, etc. of the equipment can be set to return various states of the equipment;
4. It is composed of receiving control circuit, audio power amplifier circuit, power supply circuit, etc., with built-in high-fidelity speaker;
5. Equipment integration and beautiful appearance.
6. With RS232 serial port, support local upgrade and external large screen LED text display;
7. It has perfect protection functions such as overheating, overcurrent and lightning protection, with small distortion and sufficient power margin;
8. The shell adopts rainproof cast aluminum case, which has good heat dissipation effect, and the overall design is durable and beautiful.
9. The panel has TS stream input interface, audio and video interface, volume potentiometer, network port, FM radio input interface, SIM card and antenna (optional).

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