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Country Emergency Broadcast Adapter


Front-end equipment

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Product Description

• Multi-channel signal reception: Receive and respond to emergency broadcast messages sent through one or more channels such as FM broadcasting, cable digital television, terrestrial digital television, and optical fiber digital dedicated line IP signals;

• With 5 inch color Chinese touch screen, friendly interface, easy to operate;

• With a key emergency broadcast switching function, easy to broadcast emergency;

It has 4G mobile communication module, supports phone answering and short message receiving functions, and can query instructions, report working parameters and status, and report emergency broadcast response results through IP dedicated line/4G network response management platform;

Support audio storage, can be the superior source of emergency broadcast audio and local sources (telephone, SMS, microphone, U disk, line input, FM FM) stored in the local;

Support broadcasting according to priority, emergency broadcasting is given priority, and emergency can be carried out through telephone, short message and network management. Telephone white list can be set, and only authorized calls can be connected and broadcast;

• Built-in monitor speaker, high-fidelity signal source monitor;

The use of digital signature verification and other technical means and measures to prevent interference and illegal insertion, to ensure the safety of broadcast, built-in security module in line with the national secret algorithm;

• The device configuration management can be operated through the browser for emergency broadcast service configuration and monitoring.

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