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Telephone Gateway


Front-end equipment

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Product Description

Main functions:

1. Single device supports 4-way speech synthesis, modular design, and can be cut;

2. Support multiple character set encoding formats (GB2312, GBK, UNICODE, BIG5, etc.);

3. The maximum single conversion text per channel can reach 2KB, and the conversion times can be adjusted;

4. Single device has 4 audio sampling and encoding functions at the same time;

5. Support TCP/IP protocol stack, support TCP, UDP, SNMP, ICMP, IGMP protocol;

6. With resource master application and release request functions (PID and port number);

7. Support multi-channel concurrent text to speech function;

8.LED status lights, indicating the network, each channel working status;

9. Modify the local configuration parameters through the serial port or remote network management system;

10. Support 4-way output volume adjustment function;

11.IP return the running status of the machine (equipment working status, working voltage, logical address, version number, etc.);

12. With remote network management function, support standard SNMP1.0 and above protocol.

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