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Direct Broadcast Satellite Digital Series

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Product Description

TDT-S103 type direct broadcast satellite digital television receiver (encrypted SD positioning type)

Product features:
■ Able to receive digital standard-definition television with safe mode "household access" platform;

■ Able to receive digital audio broadcasting with a safe mode of "household access" platform;

■ can receive data broadcasting services such as "news and current affairs", "science and education garden", "agricultural information" and "weather forecast" of the "household access" platform;

■ GPRS positioning function;

■ Voice call extension function;
■ Emergency broadcasting function;

■ Remote control and panel key main function control;

■ Chinese LED (or LCD) display or Chinese screen overlay display;
■ Signal level strength indication;

■ Power-off memory (original setting parameters) function;

■ Electronic Program Guide (EPG);

■ Support over-the-air software upgrade.

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