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County emergency broadcasting adapter


Front-end equipment

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Product Description

• With 7-inch color Chinese touch screen, friendly interface, easy to operate;

• With a key emergency broadcast switching function, easy to broadcast emergency;

Can be separated from the management platform to achieve the next level of local broadcast function;

Support U disk broadcast, line broadcast, microphone broadcast, telephone broadcast, support white list settings;

With monitoring function: built-in monitor speaker, monitor volume can be adjusted, with audio storage function;

Timing broadcast can be set, and the broadcast audio source can be selected from microphone broadcast, U disk, FM reception and line input;

• It can configure the working parameters of the equipment in the management platform, carry out collecting and recycling operations and read the working status;

Support priority judgment and priority mode setting;

Integrated national secret algorithm chip, with signature and signature verification functions, signature verification conforms to GD/J 081-2018 emergency broadcasting security protection technical specification digital signature requirements;

• Support modular design, IP module, FM module, TS module (output), 4G communication module (full mode or telecom or mobile or Unicom) optional;

It has the functions of local broadcasting, superior signal reception broadcasting and management platform control broadcasting;

• In the case of the same priority, with local multi-source switching function;

• Support for subregional advertisement control.

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