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Terrestrial Digital Series

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Product Description

Product features:

1. Receive and play standard-definition digital TV signals using DTMB standard;
2. Support USB upgrade, air upgrade, RS232 upgrade;
3. Adopt EDTMB technology and support DTMB and DVBC at the same time;
4. MPEG-2, AVS, AVS, H.264 four video decoding formats;
5. Support MP3, AAC, DRA, AC3 and other formats audio decoding;
Support UCAS (support all domestic CAS, the same software can contain more than 4 kinds of CAS), DCAS, through the smart card automatic identification;
7. Support true standby, with power-down memory function;
8. Support EPG seven-day electronic program guide, and integrate advertising system according to needs;
9. High reliability, wide working voltage range, strong anti-interference ability;
10. The appearance is simple and fashionable, the installation is convenient, and it can be placed and hung.


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