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Terrestrial Digital Series

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1. Receive and play standard-definition digital TV signals using DTMB standard;
2. The eDTMB technology is adopted, which does not affect the normal reception of the original DTMB equipment;
3. Support cardless CA, the scheme chip integrates CA card module, which can realize cardless advanced security reception through serialization;
4. Support MPEG-2, AVS, AVS, H.264 four video decoding formats;
5, support seven-day electronic program guide, with advertising system;
6. Support USB upgrade and OTA air upgrade;
7. Support true standby function, low standby power;
8. Support automatic, manual and full channel three search methods;
9. Support program editing function, easy collection of favorite programs;
10. Support emergency broadcasting function (optional);
11. High reliability, wide working voltage range, strong anti-interference ability.

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