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TDTSC300/450 type fully automatic antenna


C- band

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■ The antenna adopts a loop-focus antenna system for satellite signal reception in the C- band.

■ The antenna reflector is composed of a panel of aluminum alloy thin shell structure, and the force-bearing member is a carbon steel structure.

■ The antenna feed system adopts corrugated horn feed, and the linear polarization or circular polarization polarizer can be configured according to the requirements.

■ The antenna is equipped with a vertical shaft-type rotating structural mount, and the azimuth can be continuously rotated by ± 170 ° without shifting.

■ After the antenna steel structure is formed, it is first treated by thermal spraying zinc (large parts) or hot-dip zinc (small parts), and then sprayed with topcoat.

■ The overall shape of the antenna is elegant, superior performance, stable and reliable, easy to use and maintain.

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