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Multiplexer (TDT-TDGQ1)


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Composition of TV Multiplexer

A television multiplexer is a special device that uses an antenna together by two or more transmitters of different channels without interfering with each other. The equipment investment is greatly reduced by the access of the multiplexer.

The multiplexer is composed of three basic forms:

1. Bridge-type multiplexer

2. Star multiplexer

3. Hybrid Multiplexer

The user can select the composition form of the multiplexer according to the channel and conditions used.

TV Multiplexer Features

Band-pass filter for light aluminum alloy and copper structure, with indium steel adjusting screw, beryllium copper brush, other accessories are copper material. The inner conductors of the high-frequency connecting parts are all silver-plated to ensure the frequency stability of the band-pass filter and achieve low insertion loss.

A temperature compensated resonator is used to ensure a high degree of temperature stability of the filter.

High Q resonators are used to reduce insertion loss.

The surface of the body is coated with a layer of black acid-resistant aluminum, and a 5mm aluminum plate device is also used, which greatly improves the power of the inner conductor to dissipate heat.

Excellent production management organization structure to achieve high quality and high stability of the product

Good frequency selectivity

Low standing wave ratio

Compact structure design

Facilitates multi-channel integration

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