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The TDTSC620 satellite communication antenna adopts the ring-focal Gregorian antenna system for Ku-band (TDTSC620-14/12 type) and C- band (TDTSC620-6/4 type) satellite communication earth stations.

The antenna reflector is composed of 16 panels of aluminum alloy thin shell structure, the load-bearing component is carbon steel structure, and the effective diameter is 6.2m; the secondary reflector is made of cast aluminum;

The feed system is powered by a corrugated horn and can be configured with a linear or circular polarized two-port network.

The antenna support mechanism is a column, elevation, azimuth type seat frame, or 360 ° rotary table seat frame, step or electric tracking control. The antenna surface is protected by thermal spraying zinc or organic coating.

The overall shape of the antenna is elegant, superior performance, stable and reliable, easy to use and maintain.

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